HoopYogini Foundations & Flow Series w/ Jocelyn Gordon

Welcome HoopYogini!

Whether you're new to hooping, an OG Hooper, beginner yogini or inspired to lose weight, tone your core and find a new way to connect with your body and life, you're in the right place.

HoopYogini™ provides a full body workout that also helps you peel back layers of stress so you can connect with your heart, your calm and your bliss.

Hooping can burn 100 calories every ten minutes and when you practice HoopYogini™ From The Core, as well as, HoopYogini™ Alchemy & Flow, you may find yourself releasing even more calories as you sweat, detox and shimmy off weight and worries.

Are you ready to Get Loved Up? See you on the inside.


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