Wellness Entrepreneur 1.0 4 Week Course w/ Koya Webb


Are you just getting started on your Wellness Entrepreneur journey?

In Wellness Entrepreneur 1.0 course, you will explore your passions, find your purpose, and turn your passions and purpose into passive income by building your community and providing consistent inspiring content.

Join Koya WebbCEO and Founder of ​Get Loved Up, one of the fastest growing communities for self-care, spiritually and wellness entrepreneurs for Wellness Entrepreneur 1.0: 4 Week Course.

In this 4 week: 16 module course, you will get;

  • Lifetime access.
  • Replay of all  videos lessons.
  • E-book download of the Wellness Entrepreneur 1.0; 4 week: 16 module course guide

Throughout this course, we will go through 16 modules that discuss the following topics;

    • How to Set Your Goals
    • Identify your Ideal Client Avatar
    • How to Know Thyself
    • The Instagram Growth Guide
    • Professional Ethics
    • Mastering Your Blog with Adam Enfroy
    • Your Personal Mission Statement
    • Building Your Website
    • Writing Your Business Plan
    • Competitor/Collaborator Analysis
    • Audience Research
    • Building Community
    • Passion to Purpose
    • Marketing & Sales Strategy
    • Launch Time
    • Full Business Plan

Are you ready to Get Loved Up? See you on the inside.


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