Master Class: Social Justice as a Radiant Bliss Practice: Yogic Connections

Join Chris Johnson's 4 week Master Class today!

Learn to integrate the yamas, niyamas + koshas to reveal how the barrier to our deepest bliss and the barriers to our commitment to social justice are actually the same! When we study yoga as a practice of radiant bliss, we see there is no difference between yoga and social justice.

Your instructor Chris Johnson (they/them pronouns) is founder and lead trainer of Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki LLC. They live to nourish the trees that bear the fruits of freedom, and they build sacred + radical communities that harness ancestral power, accelerate collective healing, and ignite fearless creative expression. Combining their training in Yoga (RYT200), Reiki (Master Teacher), Meditation and Education (M.S.Ed in Social Justice Education), they create radical, anti-colonial healing spaces for BI/PoC and Queer folx as well as yoga-based anti-racism private coaching for antiracist accomplices. Chris leads Reiki certification trainingsonline courses, and public meditation + sound healing for all. 

Join Chris for this 4 week series.

  • Week 1- Returning to Yoga as Radiant Bliss
  • Week 2- Releasing Attachments to Inner and Outer Violence
  • Week 3- Bliss is our Birthright! Remembering our Radiance
  • Week 4- Yoga Is Social Justice

You can choose to purchase the classes a la carte or purchase all 4 classes with the 4 week bundle.

Check out Chris on Instagram: @itsmechrisjohnson

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