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An Intro to a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for Everyone 4 week course

Join certified plant-based nutritionist and foodie, Lisa A. Smith as she takes you through this Intro to a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for Everyone 4 week course. 

You will learn the fundamentals of adopting a plant-based diet and + pro tips to ensure your food is both good FOR you and TO you.

The 4 week course will discuss the following lessons below;

Week 1: 

  • Introduction to a Plant-Based Diet: Discover what exactly a whole food plant-based diet (WFPB) is and how it potentially differs from a vegan diet. Lisa will also explore the vast benefits of adopting a WFPB diet outside of weight loss.
  • Two Parts Hydrogen One Part Oxygen: Learn the proper way to consume the one nutrient you wake up deficient in everyday! During this lesson Lisa answers the questions How much water should I drink everyday? What’s the best water to drink? + pro-tips on how to stay properly hydrated daily.      

Week 2-

  • UnPre Your Diet: Consuming convenient pre-packaged plant-based foods has become increasingly easier but are they all in line with achieving optimal health and how do we tell the difference? Lisa unpacks what it looks like to eat conveniently on a whole food plant-based diet without sacrificing the health benefits of this lifestyle. 

  • SOS: One of the most common pitfalls of adopting a plant-based diet is food addiction, particularly to salt, oil and sugar. During this module Lisa breaks down the risk factors of excessively consuming each and how, if left unaddressed, these addictions can cause nearly as much harm as the Standard American Diet (SAD). 

Week 3- 

  • Liquid Meat: Dairy has historically been touted as a health food and dietary requirement. According to the U.S. dietary guidelines Americans should consume at least one serving of dairy at every meal but is that in line with what a host of nutrition science and peer reviewed studies has revealed? Lisa shares the results in this module.

  • Pea is for Protein!: Is meat really THAT bad for you? What about seafood? And exactly what about it is harmful? During this title module Lisa explores the health implications of consuming all animal products and breaks down the protein conundrum. 

Week 4: 

  • WhatSupp?: Can you get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need to thrive on a whole food plant-based diet? Lisa uncovers what vitamins and supplements may be required and why. 

  • ProTips: Adjusting to a plant-based lifestyle takes some work, specifically around things like grocery shopping, cooking and dining out. There are several ways to fast track the journey to your new normal which Lisa will  share in this final module in an effort to accompany you into a life of optimal living! 

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