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Wellness Entrepreneur 2.0: 4 Week Course with Koya and Special Guest Arianne Traverso

Join Koya Webb, CEO and Founder of ​Get Loved Up, one of the fastest growing communities for self-care, spiritually and wellness entrepreneurs and Arianne Traverso, founder of BizYogi, a yogini, entrepreneur and supporter of dreams leading a movement of yogis to embrace both spiritual wellness and financial wellness, for this Wellness Entrepreneur 2.0; 4 Week Course.

In this 4 week course you will get;

  • Lifetime access.
  • Replay of all 4 videos lessons.
  • Access to private Whatsapp group w/ Arianne, Koya & other students
  • E-book download of the Wellness Entrepreneur 2.0; 4 week course guide

We will discuss the following topics;

  • Week 1: Topic: Creating a variety of revenue streams

      • In the first week, we will discuss how to create a variety revenue streams with One-On-One Clients, trainings, retreats, studio, online classes, physical products, events and network marketing,      

    Week 2- Topic: Pricing structure

      • In the second week, we will define what a revenue stream is, why variety is good for you and how to create value ladders. 

    Week 3- Topic: Creating Your Divine Offering

      • In the third week, we will talk about crafting a great offer that not only incentivizes them to show up but also to stay. This week will be all about how to get more clarity on your customers’ “YES” to your offer.

    Week 4: Topic: Funnels

    •  In the fourth week and last week of this course, we will discuss how to generate leads through strategic funnel creation where you show your expertise and get a desired result.

Are you ready to Get Loved Up? See you on the inside.


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